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Having your commercial property looking great every day of the year, despite the season or weather conditions. Customers and clients are constantly evaluating new spaces, which means it’s essential to make a good first impression. Artificial turf presents a reliable solution to lawn care, especially in drought-prone regions or environments where the grass is difficult to grow, but still desirable. On top of maintaining a perfectly manicured image, synthetic turf is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and is not susceptible to holes, divots, or mud puddles like natural grass. 


A primary reason that homeowners have chosen to install synthetic lawns is the time they get back that otherwise would be spent on landscaping. Maintaining a small backyard with watering, mowing, and fertilizing can be expensive and time-consuming, but having artificial grass will give you peace of mind that your pets, and kids can play all year round also the amount of water you will save after installing an artificial lawn might amaze you. In areas like California where water can quickly become a hot commodity during the summer, it seems senseless to waste it on a patch of grass. Put your business’s best foot forward by showing your commitment to eco-friendly design and sustainability. Additionally, because synthetic grass does not require fertilizers or pesticides, you can rest easy knowing that your landscaping is not contributing to the toxic, harmful runoff.

Putting Greens

Like to take your house to the next level? transform your front yard, backyard or business with our top quality artificial grass putting green products. The most advanced products that mimic the look and feel of a course quality green. Making it a dream space to entertain your family, friends or business colleagues call us today for a free estimate.

Putting Greens
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